With 100 million people in the US suffering from chronic pain, it is critical to make available non-narcotic options for relief that are effective, long lasting AND covered by insurance! A spinal cord stimulator implant, also known as neuromodulation, has been the most revolutionary advancedment for pain relief in the 21st Century.

WHY? Imagine a situation (you may be living it), where you wake up every day in pain and there is no surgical “fix” to the problem. Surgery may have failed, or your condition may not have a surgical indication. Do you want a life of pain pills and depression? Of course not. Call us today to find out if a spinal cord stimulator is for you, and how it can TRULY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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We are Neuromodulation Experts. Our Board Certified doctors use Cutting Edge, Minimally Invasive Implants!

Why Us?

It’s VERY simple. Do you want a Board Certified physician who is an expert in the procedure and has performed thousands of them? And a Center that only uses implants with the highest success rates possible? Yes, we thought so! That’s why US Pain Network only works with the best doctors and implants… period.

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Conditions Treated

The list of conditions that benefit from neuromodulation grows EVERY year! Failed back/neck surgery syndrome, neuropathy, RSD, phantom limb, angina, PVD, postherpetic neuralgia, abdominal/pelvic/testicular pain and especially failed intrathecal morphine pain pumps. The cutting edge implants we use succeed even with failed SCS situations!

Conditions Treated

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant

SCS implants are cutting edge devices that get better ALL the TIME. An implant can change your life if placed properly with a top doctor and includes the latest technology. The latest ones last over 20 years and are even rechargeable from outside the skin!

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant

The amount of people in the US who are living with chronic pain. That’s one out of every 3 people. We have the ANSWER!

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This is how many patients receive a spinal cord implant each year in the US, and it grows every year!

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This is the percentage of spine surgeries that fail WITHIN 2 YEARS! Find out how to obtain relief now.

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