About US Pain Network and Your Pain Relief Pros


The epidemic of chronic pain in the US continues to grow. One third of individuals suffer on a daily basis, and most have no appropriate surgical option. Living on narcotic medication is NOT the answer, and neither is staying in bed. There has to be a better way!


US Pain Network offers Centers of Excellence around the country bringing together FOUR THINGS to benefit patients living in chronic pain and looking for THE BEST ANSWER:


  1. Revolutionary Technology
  2. Expert Providers
  3. Compassionate, Kind Staff
  4. Convenient Treatment



You may have heard of a spinal cord stimulator, also known as neuromodulation, as a treatment for chronic pain. Over the past twenty years, electrical stimulator implants have continued to improve dramatically. The innovations over this time allow over eighty percent of patients to achieve amazing pain relief in the back, neck, pelvis, extremities and even for headaches and such issues as chronic testicular pain.


However, not all spinal cord stimulator implants are created “equal.” In the past, a significant amount have lost their effectiveness after just a couple years. Imagine having achieved relief from chronic pain, only to have it return 2-3 years later and be just as bad? How depressing!


The neuromodulator implants being used in the US Pain Network are showing longer term results than ever before. They are FDA cleared and include over two hundred programming options for long term relief. They are useful for a broad array of chronic medical conditions, including revision treatment for failed spinal cord stimulator implants and intrathecal morphine pain pumps. There is no better technology available anywhere!


The spinal cord stimulator implants used in the US Pain Network are second to none and the best available anywhere. Because of the complexity, it is imperative to obtain treatment from providers who are experts in their placement, programming and follow up. Would you rather have treatment from someone who does a few a year, or from someone who does hundreds?


Our Board Certified spine surgeons and pain doctors have decades of experience with spinal cord stimulator implants, including expertise in indications, placement techniques, revisions and success with even the most complicated cases. Do NOT just pick a name off of your insurance list, get treatment from the EXPERTS!


Living with chronic pain can be incapacitating. Imagine waking up every day in pain, dealing with it throughout the day – trying to work, care for your children, be a good spouse, participate in recreational activities. That may be your reality! Pain may lead to considerable frustration, depression and difficulty concentrating.


All of the providers and staff in the US Pain Network’s Centers of Excellence understand the difficulty of a life filled with chronic pain. Your treatment will consist of not only expert technical care, but also compassionate care and respect. You will be given appropriate time to have all your questions answered, your calls will be returned and we will have our programming experts available to assist you with learning the nuances of your implant.


The goal of US Pain Network is to change your life with an amazing outcome, and it just may take attention to detail with someone kind to hold your hand at the same time. Let us help you today!


Your effective treatment begins with your first encounter. Our staff will take a detailed history and help obtain your medical records if necessary. We will take care of insurance verifications, and then have one of our Board Certified providers consult with you.


It’s all taken care of BEFORE even seeing you in person, so we can make sure the appropriate treatment plan is available to you. We see patients at our Centers of Excellence from all over the country. Our staff will help take care of all necessary travel arrangements, including flights, hotels and ground transportation. The convenience factor is second to none!